Announcing Colorful Legacies

As we near the end of Black History Month 2024, Shorefront Press is excited to unveil our latest project: Colorful Legacies. We’ve collected stories of community members (from the past and the present) to showcase the amazing diversity and accomplishments of this town we call home. Working with our wonderful artist, Andrew Walker III, we’ve turned their stories into rich imagery for you and your family (or students or friends or anyone in your community) to fill with color.

To purchase

Colorful Legacies is available for purchase at our launch event (on Sunday, Feb 25) and online here. We hope this book allows for moments of learning, reflection, and fun!
Three images of 'Colorful Legacies' Book cover and two images from the book. The first image from the book is of Bill Logan; the second of Mayor Lorraine Hairston Morton. Text from pdf reads "Inside the children's coloring book, Colorful Legacies: Evanston’s Local Black Historical Figures you will find the stories of 20 Black people who have been important to Evanston. These stories draw on people and images from Shorefront’s archives. Colorful Legacies is intended to serve as a creative and educational tool, providing playful enjoyment for children as they color. It’s educational for people of all ages as they learn the names of Black people who made a difference in Evanston. Shorefront remains a great educational resource for all people. If your school or facility would like to visit us, please call (847) 864-7467." Educators looking for bulk orders should contact shorefront directly.