Shorefront Update #002
October 02, 2012
Shorefront’s first annual End of Summer Grillin’ event, 2012

Shorefront held its first annual End of Summer Grillin’, awareness and fundraiser gathering held on September, 16. More than 75 people streamed through viewing Shorefront exhibits and publications, meeting board members and enjoying good food. The event was held in the backyard of Margo and Morris Robinson, Sr.

Best of all, visitors from all over the Chicago metro area had a great time sharing their own personal stories and catching up with friends.

Moving forward with the Shorefront collections, Shorefront received a thank you letter from the North Shore Illinois Chapter of the Links, Inc. in response to our processing of their archives at Shorefront. Finding aids for the North Shore Links are now available on line. In addition, Shorefront continued its mission in collecting archives and has been in conversation with the Evanston Branch N.A.A.C.P. as well as the Delta Chi Omega alumni chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority on and about their archives. Stay tuned for this exciting process. Shorefront already has a small collection from both of these organizations.

Shorefront journal has been alive now for almost two months. As of this writing, have been viewed over 1,400 times. If you want to receive notifications when we post, just click on “+Follow” and an email will be sent to you every time a new post appears. If you have comments, be sure to post them below the article. Sharing new information is an important part of the process!

The journal is open for anyone to submit an article. Shorefront had sent out an open invitation to several North Shore high schools, inviting teachers to encourage students to submit articles for consideration. If you have a story or an idea for a story, please visit our submissions guidelines.

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